A new summer season means it's time for new bikinis. You want a swimsuit that suits your body and your style while being trendy and cool at the same time. Over the years, you've probably taken part in a bikini trend or two, embracing the newest bathing suit fashions. So what's on deck for this season? Let's look at some of the features that are making a splash this year to help you find the right outfit for your beach days and poolside nights.

Bikini Trend 1: Bright Colors, Textures & Prints

For this season, you can get bold with your bikini style. Bright colors, unique textures and stand-out prints are all in vogue right now. This trend is perfect for people who love to make a statement with their clothes. You can find a bikini that's just as bold as your personality. If you tend to go for more muted options, this could be the perfect season to step out of your routine and try something new.


The bikini trend of adding more color really got going in 2022 and has only continued in 2023. Look for bikinis that are richly colored with bold hues such as orange, pink or green. Pick the color that works best for your skin tone and go for it.

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Prints are another trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. These designs are exciting and make use of both old and new bikini style ideas, including embroidery and paisley done in cotton and linen, to floral and animal prints. Some suits even have textures that seem 3D, offering a unique way to stand out. If you want to try a print but don't want to go overboard, get a bold design on a suit that has a neutral color so there is only one main focal point.

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You can also use texture to get into bikini trends 2023. Find a suit that has a shine to it, such as an outfit with Lurex material. It offers plenty of gloss but isn't scratchy against the skin. Ruffles are another good way to add texture to your bikini, especially when they accent the suit along your bikini straps.

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Bikini Trend 2: Strings and Less Coverage

Among trending bikinis, less can be more and that's what we're seeing this season. String bikinis are very popular right now, along with strappy options. This applies to both tops and bottoms, so you can find some very fun and bold designs.

Just because you have a string bikini doesn't mean you will feel over-exposed. The designs are often very flattering and classy even when they have less material. A string bikini can be completely appropriate for a nice pool party if you choose the right one.

You can also add coverage to the swimsuit with lace. It adds a bit of material to the string bikini and creates a bit of a lingerie feel.

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Bikini Trend 3: Retro

If you have a flair for vintage styles, trending bikinis that have a retro feel could be good for you. There are a few different ways to integrate the retro style into your bathing suit. You can start with psychedelic and vintage prints if you want to take your look back to the 1960s and 1970s. Balconette-style suits also transport you back in time to the 1950s.

The 1990s also offer a lot of inspiration for bikini trends in 2023. The high-waisted bottoms, straight lines and athletic fit of newer bikinis can put you in the mind of the "Baywatch" era and those classic red swimsuits. Recreate something like that for yourself to get a retro look that is comfortable for you.

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Bikini Trend 4: Cut-outs & Underwires

Another one of the fun bikini trends to try out is the use of cut-outs in bathing suit designs. A few strategic shapes in the suit add a lot of interest and show a little skin without leaving you overexposed. For bikini tops, look for cut-outs in the center of the top or even on the back. On bikini bottoms, you're likely to see cut-outs where the suit sits on your hips.

Underwires used to serve a utilitarian function in bikinis to make sure there was enough support for the bust, but now they also are a design feature. This works really well in a color-blocked bathing suit. You can have piping along the underwire that accents the colors and design of the rest of the suit.

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Bikini Trend 5: Bridal

Bikinis are showing up in more formal moments, including bridal events. Some brides are even getting married in white bikinis in beach ceremonies. If that's not your vision for your special day, consider a bikini for a poolside bridal party or several bikinis for your honeymoon. White is always a good option for the occasion and you can add lace to really make it feel like a wedding celebration.

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Bikini Trend 6: Accessories

Once you find your favorite new bikini style for 2023, don't forget to accessorize it. Chances are you will need some type of cover-up for your bathing suit whether you're at the beach or the pool. Skirts are perfect since they are versatile and can help you transition from lounging by the water to heading out to dinner and back again easily.

Hats are also good to pair with the latest trending bikinis. Get a few different ones to work with your different bathing suits and keep them handy all summer long. Not only are they elegant accessories, but they also offer sun protection.

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Embrace Your Favorite Bikini Trend This Year

Trying new styles is a fun way to express yourself, so bring that attitude to your bikini collection. If you've relied on the same bathing suits for years, pick a new bikini trend and embrace it for the season. You may learn that you really enjoy a style that you've avoided in the past. Regardless, have fun with your swimsuit selection. To find a great choice, start shopping with PQ Swim today.