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Cover Ups & Dresses

Some women feel self-conscious when they spend a lot of time in a swimsuit but rarely get in the water, and a trendy bikini cover-up dress can do wonders for their confidence. At PQ Swim, we carry beach cover-up dresses in various styles to help women embrace confidence and stay comfortable in their skin.

Trendy Designs

We carry two distinct styles of swimsuit cover dress with many designs in each one. 

Regardless of your personal style preferences, you can find a cover-up that meets your unique needs in our inventory.

Commitment to Sustainability

PQ Swim carries swimsuit designs inspired by global beach enthusiasts. Each coverup is created with comfortable, high-quality material that highlights our commitment to sustainability. Preserving our oceans is one of our top priorities, and our love for the beach is evident in all of our designs. Our swimsuits are designed to blend endy and modern trends that deliver pieces that are perfect for any beach vacation. 

If you need a swimsuit cover-up dress, PQ Swim has you covered with our huge inventory of stylish designs. Browse our selection of swimsuit coverups today to find the one best suited for your next beach trip.