Though the public may not hear about as many female entrepreneurs or women owned brands as they do male figureheads, around 42% of businesses in the United States are owned by women. What do female-led businesses have in common, and why is this designation important? Read through our thoughts and get to know what makes PQ Swim unique among female-owned clothing brands.

The Advantages of Being a Female-Founded Company

Women-owned brands may not all sell the same products, but they have a surprising amount in common. Here are just some of the advantages of female-owned brands.

  • Benefits and grants: It may surprise you to know that there are several financial opportunities such as government grants specifically for women-owned businesses, startup grants for female-led small businesses, and more. Many business and thought leaders now understand that having a woman at the forefront is a strength in the business world.
  • Leadership: Research suggests that overall, men and women follow different leadership patterns. Men tend to focus more on outcomes, while women tend to focus more on how relationships and people drive businesses to their end goals and results. One isn't necessarily better as these two styles can complement each other, but certain businesses, especially ones that sell to mostly female customers, may perform better with a woman at the helm.
  • Insight: While this isn't true for all businesses, we can certainly say that we understand our customers on a personal level. Women-owned brands that select and promote products for women have their advantages in terms of knowing exactly what their customers are looking for — and refusing to settle for less than the best quality.
  • Opportunities: The glass ceiling doesn't exist here. Owning a business as a woman (and one that sells products for women) represents the freedom to make choices, take financial risks, and operate a business the way you want to on your own terms.

PQ Swim's Story

Our founder, Amber Delecce-Forge, has spent her career in the luxury swimwear industry building a brand that puts women at the forefront. Amber works closely with her female-led team to select the best elements (including material, color, style, and design) for PQ's "cabana chic" brand of swimwear and accessories.

Because Amber takes care to recruit, interview, and hire the best people for PQ Swim, this naturally means that many women who are just as dedicated to the luxury swimwear and resort wear world as she is will fill empty positions quickly.

Shop Women-Owned Brands Like PQ Swim Today

Now's a better time than ever to be a women-owned brand — and being a female-led swimwear business makes intuitive sense. We understand the material, fit, and quality that other women are looking for when they choose swimwear for themselves, their friends and family, and their daughters, whether it’s a bridal bikini for a honeymoon or a Mommy & Me set for a family vacation.

At PQ Swim, we lean into the diversity of thought and experience our team of strong female leaders bring to the table. Learn more in our blog about what makes us unique, and be sure to check out the high-quality swimwear we source for luxury, quality, and style for your next vacation getaway, honeymoon, or resort stay.