Five of the most popular honeymoon destinations are islands, and many other top locations have beautiful coastlines. That means you'll probably need a bikini set for honeymoon beach trips. As the bride, white is the perfect hue for your new swimwear.

Of course, finding the right suit is a journey. The following tips can simplify your search.

Test for Sheerness

White fabric can go sheer when wet, and though bathing suits protect your modesty with a lining, their appearance may change when damp. Double-liners are more likely to look like they did on the hanger, though it's possible to find a single-liner that does the job. If you shop online, look for reviews describing the opaqueness. If you shop in person, stretch the fabric with your hand to gauge how much skin shows through.

Is it worth going through the trouble just to get a white bikini set for honeymoon swimming? If you're going to a warm, humid place (which islands tend to be), then yes. White reflects sunlight, keeping you cool while you soak up the rays. That way, you and your new spouse can spend as much time in the water as you want.

Consider the Undertone

When you think of a honeymoon bikini set for bridal traditions, you probably think of bright white. While this hue is lovely and works well with certain skin tones, it can make others look washed out. Fortunately, there are plenty of white shades that may complement your complexion.

The first step is to identify your undertone:

  • Warm: Your skin has a yellow or golden undertone.
  • Olive: Your skin has a greenish undertone.
  • Cool: Your skin has pink and blue undertones.
  • Neutral: Your skin has a mix of pink and yellow undertones.

Warm and olive tones look best with ivory and cream, while cool tones pair best with bright white. Neutral tones looked great with all shades. Of course, these are just guidelines. Once you try on your preferred bikini set for honeymoon travel, you'll notice accessories, wraps and your developing tan impact how it looks.

Complement Your Body Type

For a long time, popular culture had a singular image of a "bikini body." Unfortunately, research shows that the "perfect body" shown in media is incredibly rare, naturally occurring in only 5% of the population. The thing is, you don't have to be a supermodel to look beautiful and confident in a bikini. There are hundreds of styles available, ensuring a fit for every body type.

Finding the best bikini for honeymoon getaways is all about embracing your features. For example, if you have a large bust, look for tops with molded cups to lift and support. If you have a curvy figure, consider high-cut bottoms to show off your hips.

Choose Something You Love

Ultimately, the perfect bikini set for honeymoon beach fun is whatever makes you feel comfortable. That may mean a sporty set to keep you strapped in or a sequined two-piece to dazzle onlookers. If a bikini makes you feel beautiful and confident, it's the right one for you.

Now that you know the ropes, it's time to start your search with PQ Swim. This online collection has dozens of gorgeous designs, including a bikini dress for honeymoon dinners on the beach.