Welcome to the Wild Side...

Somewhere within, lives a sunseeker in us all - a woman with salt in her hair and sand in her toes. A woman who’s sassy yet romantic; carefree with a touch of edge. This woman is confident, strong, unstoppable. This woman is you.

PQ Swim is your invitation to embody this woman. To dance through life feeling beautiful in your skin. To open your wild heart and ride the wave of adventure. To step into confidence (and stay there). Our alluring designs are here to help you curate a mood - whichever mood you may be in! From whimsical and feminine to exotic and bold, our eye-catching fits and fabrics are inspired by world travels. So we can bring faraway places and dreamy spaces to you at any moment.

Let's start from the beginning.

Meet the owner. Amber Delecce-Forge pursued her life’s passion of designing the perfect “cabana-chic” swim and resort wear product. With over twenty years of industry experience and an unbound love for her work, Amber carefully sources and selects materials to ensure quality, comfort, and the feeling of confidence. She has perfected her art by compiling unique prints, specialty textures, and flattering silhouettes to create the suits of her dreams. These thoughtfully crafted elements give PQ it’s one-of-a-kind look and unique flair. 

Look good. Feel good. Do good.

Just like you, we deeply care about the future of our planet. The water is our home, and we need to be part of the solution (not more of the problem). Our Eco Collection directly supports Coral Vita, a group dedicated to restoring our world’s dying reefs by growing resilient and diverse corals and transplanting them into threatened waters. We pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly processes and giving back to organizations working tirelessly to preserve our oceans. So you can feel beautiful and give back. For there is nothing sexier than confidence… and saving the planet.

Beyond the waters, PQ is a proud sponsor of the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Established in 1972, this nonprofit organization became known as the place where “people help animals and animals help people.” Helen Woodward provides educational and therapeutic programs for people, as well as humane care and adoption for homeless animals.

From bikini to MasQini.

No sweat, we’ve got you covered beyond the beach. Sunrise or sunset, we’re here to ensure you look and feel your best on any occasion! From dresses to jewelry to face masks (looking at you 2020), PQ helps keep you flowing and easygoing. We’ve developed the MasQini to help keep our community safe, and continue to donate one mask for each one sold. Smart, confident and carefree? Yep, it’s a vibe. We’re here to vibe along your side wherever the wind takes you. For you were born to be free and run wild in your own way. And what’s better than feeling free? Feeling free with the right accessories. We’ve got you.

Ready to live for the moment?

Here at PQ, we live for the time-melting moments. For salt-kissed memories on golden skin. For spontaneous day trips and moonlit beach dancing. From our suits to our mindsets, we know it’s all in the details. Like intricately stitched embroidery or a conversation with a friend over coffee, you’re invited to soak up life’s delectable details with us.

We’ll see you in the water! xx