Curl up with PQ 

It’s that time of year… herbal tea steeps on the counter, a lavender candle flickers by the sofa, and your fuzzy slippers have probably made their yearly debut. If you’re anything like us, you take your relaxation seriously when the sun dips for the season. And we’re here to make all your (wildly) cozy dreams come true. For we believe that the PQ woman should never have to compromise her confident, sassy and sultry self for comfort...

Cue the cozy.

You can take the sun away from the beach babe, but a sunseeker she remains. Meet the collection that will transform your hibernation and keep you feeling like the sexy, carefree woman that you are. PQ Cozy is here to empower you through winter and beyond! For coziness is more than just a vibe… it’s an art. And we’re here to inspire your inner Picasso to make the most of this down time. 

For those “I woke up like this” moments.

For when your fleece blanket doesn’t cut it… experience fleece jammies that will have you feeling like you’re wrapped in a perpetual hug.  We’ll bet you just about anything - this is the comfiest outfit you’ll ever own. Better yet, these butter soft sets are form-flattering and hug your natural silhouette with delicate ease. So you can say “I woke up like this… but really.” 

PJs… but make it fashion.

Retro tie-dye meets cozy-casual? Yes, please. These sets are comfy enough to sleep in and cute enough to wear out… with prints that are to dye for (yeah, we went there). Mix and match with our baby blue crop hoodie and joggers. ‘Cause, okay… movement is important even in the coziest times. From the couch to the trail, experience ultimate softness (you just may forget you have anything on at all). 

The ultimate #hibernationstation. 

We are full supporters of the frozen pizza in bed kinda nights. These colder months act as your chance to slow down (way down). We’re talking the curl up with a good book and second glass of wine kinda slow down. But who says you can’t spice things up as you slow things down? Enter your animal print lounge sets. Keep your wild heart beating strong as you embrace each moment of stillness. Stay fierce, stay fab (with FULL permission to stay in bed!). 

Ready to melt into the moment? 

Let’s get cozy.  Sprinkle an extra dose of magic into the season by embodying your most confident self. Make your coziest fantasy come to life by melting into the moment and letting time pass you by. Don’t just brace yourself for chilly weather, but embrace the intimacy of relaxation. What can you invite to your world to fill these months with wonder? We love a show that makes us laugh, a book that sweeps us away, or a night of painting and sipping hot cocoa.  Don’t worry, you’ll be catching waves again soon. But don’t wish away an opportunity to slow down, take a breath, and surrender to the art of coziness.