A sneak peek into our PQ factory

Let us guess: you would do just about anything for a breezy getaway right about now. Since we currently can’t hop on a plane headed for Bora Bora, we’d like to remedy our cabin fever with a quick virtual trip. Destination: Medellin, Colombia, home of PQ’s woman-owned factory.  You’re cordially invited behind the scenes… where magic happens and our delicate designs are brought into the world.

Swimwear Made in Medellin, Colombia

Welcome to Medellin, nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” for its idyllic climate. And ideal it is… nestled in the Andes Mountains and painted with colorful buildings and flower farms, Medellin draws a variety of travelers. Beyond the beauty, the city of Medellin ranks second in the country for economic and political importance, with a dynamic commerce center and booming tech industry. 

Manufactured in Medellin, Colombia, it’s no surprise that PQ’s designs portray the vibrant and picturesque nature of the city. The corporate office is made up of 39 talented leaders (almost 80% of them being women) responsible for bringing PQ’s visions to life. Our factory works with about 25 external workshops, which directly employ over 100 families.

So what’s it like to work in Colombia?

Let’s zoom in. Deemed the happiest country in the world in 2013, Colombia exudes warmth and contentment, even in the workplace. According to the factory manager, “Colombians are VERY proud to be Colombian. You’ll hear the national anthem played every day at 6 am and 6 pm, no matter where you are in the country.” This collective sense of loyalty provides citizens with feelings of pride in their work. A tag that reads, “Made in Colombia,” is a stamp of honor to the hard workers who crafted the apparel.

Colombians also take their work life balance seriously. “Every single company in Colombia values and takes care of, not only their employees, but also their families,” the factory employees shared. “It is really important that every worker spends time with their family and lives in good conditions.” 

A factory that gives back

Just like our US headquarters, our Colombian team prioritizes community giveback. This past year, we supported several foundations working endlessly to make a positive impact on our world.

For example, Foundations is a non-profit organization promoting sustainable community development in rural areas. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and socio-economic condition of the small town of Bolombolo, Antioquia and its vicinities. 

CORPORACIÓN ACOMPAÑARTE is a non-governmental group based in Medellin. They specialize in improving the quality of life of chronic disease patients and their families in different regions of Colombia, through the use of art therapy.

Redefining “All in the Details”

Just as Colombians take pride in their work, we take pride in our Colombian team! As a country rich in culture and tradition, Colombians put heart and soul into every detail to ensure everything is made with love. A perfect cocktail of creative minds, handcrafted artisan pieces and cutting-edge technology work together to bring you our alluring designs. All fabrics, prints and colors are carefully scouted and selected to embody inspiration from life’s travels. 

Although this probably wasn’t the white sands vacay you had in mind, you now know the story that stitched your favorite PQ suit together. So next time you suit up, close your eyes and let yourself soak up the magic of Medellin! Shop all of PQ’s swimwear made in the beautiful Medellin, Colombia.