Evolution of the MasQini

As the year comes to an end, we get the chance to reflect on a wildly unconventional chapter. 2020 reminded us that some things in life are simply out of our control. Yet while we can’t always dictate what happens to us, we always have the power to make the best of a negative situation. Here at PQ, we’ve learned to ride the wave of the pandemic… in style. 

2020, but make it fashion… 

Yep, COVID-19 has unintentionally created a brand new fashion line. We’ve gone from wrapping bandanas around our faces to color-pairing masks with our OOTDs. These days, masks have become just as imperative as car keys and wallets when leaving your home. Yet this essential item also has the potential to complete your daily look. So why settle for a lackluster wardrobe accessory? We believe that even the small things should inspire us! Why look at your mask as a burden, when it can be thought of as a tool to complete your look? Enter the MasQini: the fashion mask that gives back. We’ve created beautiful one-of-a-kind face masks to elevate your look, keep your confidence in check, and give to those in need. So without further ado, let’s redefine your face covering! 

Get a mask, give back.

If there is one thing this year has taught us, it’s that we’re all in this together. Over the past eight months, we’ve found ourselves asking the same question many of you have asked: how can we help?  We’re determined to help our employees and others less fortunate, and we’ve created an empowering (and stylish) way to do both...

Back in March, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended that we wear face coverings to slow the virus’s spread. But to ensure enough crucial supplies for our heroic healthcare workers, the CDC asked that we wear cloth masks instead of surgical masks or N-95 respirators.  Well, if there’s one thing we know, it’s fabrics. To do our part, we have re-purposed our production lines, materials, and resources to create a cloth “MasQini.” All the proceeds from the MasQinis are used in two ways:

1. To pay our employees

2. To donate one for each that we sell on our website

And we love your insight! Have a favorite charity near and dear to your heart? Let us know and we will ship free MasQinis to one or more of the charities you identify each week.

MasQini 101.

Masks on, chins up. Ever accessorize your accessories? Now that you’ve helped us help those in need, allow us to share our mask-cessories to level up your mask game.

1. Straps

Keep your mask cute, clean, and readily available whenever you need it! Made from beautiful materials like amethyst, rose quartz and pearls, these straps double as necklaces in spaces where you can be mask-free. 

2. Scarves.

Let yourself feel beautiful even with half of your face covered. These feminine, flowy scarves can inspire you to wear your mask with intention, and will add a whimsical touch to any outfit.

3. Bags.

No more digging through that cluttered handbag that once again ate your mask… keep things organized with an adorable pouch designed to keep your mask clean and convenient. 

Even when things feel out of control, you can be your unstoppable self by riding the wave of change and keeping your smile (under the MasQini!). Look good, feel good, and do good with a face mask that empowers you to be your best self in unprecedented times.