Suits for the smallest sunseekers

“When our Preview 2012 Collection launched, I found my three-year-old daughter on the deck showing our catalog to the dog (true story). She was picking her favorite styles and prints. Clearly girls appreciate fashion at an early age!” - Amber Delecce Forge / Owner

What’s better than carefree moments? Carefree moments with your mini-me! The PQ woman is sweet and strong, modern and timeless, sassy and sultry. Yet with her sidekick, she's unstoppable. She nurtures with grace, and supports with strength - all while letting her inner child run free. She leads her pack in luxe and lace. She re-defines “Mommy & Me.”

Because a sunseeker is born a sunseeker.

Remember your early days of running wild on silken shores? You were the princess of your sandcastle; the queen of the sea. You paid no attention to the sand in your toes and the salt in your hair. You begged to stay out with the setting sun. Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.” You were a sunseeker, and a sunseeker you remained. You treat your life as your canvas - filling it with color and a style that’s your own. So it’s time to teach your little one to do the same (in adorable matching prints!).

It starts at the beginning...

PQ’s Mommy & Me collection stands for more than #twinning status. Matching your daughter allows you to lead by example and instill values (and confidence) in her from the start. She’ll grasp the importance of adventure - of traveling to new places and soaking up new scenes. She’ll understand the significance of a sustainable lifestyle. She’ll fall in love with the ocean so much that she will do her part to keep it clean. And before you know it, your PQ girl will bloom into a PQ woman - a woman who forages her own path and follows her truth.

Connect to your child (and inner child).

You make her strong. She keeps you young. Our Mommy & Me designs let your girl feel all-grown-up while you let your inner child free. Match your daughter with style and spirit! This is your sign to twirl a little faster, hug a little tighter, and love a little deeper. Let your mini-me meet your child within (and feel beautiful side-by-side!). Together, you can make a statement in prints of Golden Hour, Tie Dye, Jungle, and more. Greet the beach with your partner in crime and watch your sun-kissed day unfold.

For nothing quite compares to a mother-daughter bond.

At PQ, we know it’s all in the details. We believe the key to life lies in each little moment. So unlock magic with your little one! From teary hugs to spontaneous dance parties, navigate life’s ups and downs as a dream team. No, the suits don’t make the bond, but they sure help make it cuter! Give your daughter a visual representation of your special relationship, and a suit to chase the sun in… because life’s precious moments are meant to be shared.


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