The countdown is on and your big day is getting close. As you plan all the aspects of your wedding celebration, you may be considering how to make your wedding photos look amazing. One idea is to break from tradition and get a bridal bikini. But what about bikini accessory ideas?

10 Bridal Bikini Accessory Ideas

No outfit is complete without accessories, including a bridal bikini. Here are a few things you can pick up to add to your look.

1. Headpiece

Let's start at the top. Of your body, that is. A headpiece is one of the best accessories you can add to your look for a photo shoot. With a white bridal bikini, weave together pastel flowers for a headpiece, or be the queen of the day with a tiara.

2. Pearls

If you're doing a beach photoshoot, add some pearls, the jewels of the sea. You can get a headpiece with pearls, or add a necklace or pair of earrings with the precious stones.

3. Veil

Veils are traditional for Western weddings, so it makes sense to add one when thinking about bikini accessories ideas. The veil also makes it clear that you are taking wedding pictures, not just beach photos.

4. Cover-ups

Your bikini accessory ideas should also include a cover-up. If you're looking for a way to be a bit more conservative or you just want to create different looks during the photo shoot, a cover-up will help you do this. Get it in white to match your white bridal bikini.

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses also make great bikini accessory ideas. They look great in pictures and add a level of coolness to your outfit. Pick a pair that flatters your face with a bit of bling for the formal occasion.

6. Sash

A bridal sash is another great accessory to wear with your bridal bikini. It's a playful way to remind everyone that you are taking wedding photos. Get one that is customized for you, either with "Bride To Be" or your new last name embroidered on it.

7. Hats

No bikini accessory ideas list would be complete without hats. You can go classic and get a natural-colored tan hat that fits your beach theme, or get a different style that will add more contrast to your white bathing suit.

8. Shawl

For nice coverage without wearing a cover-up, grab a shawl for your photo shoot. It's a great accessory to pose with since you can drape it over yourself and use it as a prop. Look for sheer options that don't hide the detail on your detailed bridal swimsuit.

9. Jewelry

Your engagement ring is the star of the show in your wedding photos, but you can add a few other pieces of jewelry. Try some diamond earrings or an ankle bracelet to keep it simple.

10. Sandals

Don't forget the footwear. You probably won't want to wear heels if your photo shoot is by the water, so add sandals to your list of bikini accessory ideas.

Enjoy Your Day With Bridal Bikini Accessory Ideas

When you have a wedding photo shoot in a bikini, you're already thinking outside the box. Take it to the next level with bridal bikini accessory ideas. To find the right suit, check out PQ Swim.