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When it comes to a vacation, the importance of having the right attire cannot be overstated. There’s a resort that’s calling you this summer and you need to look the part. From the beach to the pool to dining and more, we’ve got the PQ clothing options to keep you looking and feeling like a phenom with women’s luxury resort wear you’re sure to love.

Fashion for Every Moment

The term “resort wear” can mean different things, especially at different events or times of the day. While you’ve got the perfect swimwear for waterside fun, you’ll likely need other options for other activities. Luxury resort dresses are your versatile go-to for apparel during vacation. They merge high fashion and the simple elegance of swimwear for the ultimate resort looks. A few thoughtful accessories can make a chic dress appropriate for the daytime or evening.

Easy and Elegant

Whether you’re getting in some quality time in the sun or socializing, you need luxury dresses that reflect your easy and elegant style. Choose a summery alternative to the little black dress or embrace bold colors with a free-flowing sundress.  

At PQ Swim, we’ve got resort dresses and swimwear that prove you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for stylish sumptuousness. From bold florals to textured neutrals, a new luxurious resort wear wardrobe is waiting for you. Explore new arrivals, bestsellers, collections, and more.