Your wedding is likely to be one of the biggest days of your life, and you want both the experience and your complete bridal look to be unforgettable. Because bridal outfits differ from what you wear on a day-to-day basis, you may have trouble coming up with a style that suits you and that you will be satisfied with once you get your bridal pictures back. Here are three ways your bridal outfit can come together.

1. Through Your Hair

There are countless ways to do hair for a wedding or other formal occasion, so hairstyles are one of the best ways to individualize your look. Some people prefer to wear updos so that the focus is on the veil; however, there are still many ways to leave your bridal hair down and still have it look formal. Whether you are posing in your bridal bikini or your wedding dress, some examples of hairstyles that are good to rock at weddings include:

  • A crown braid, which wraps around the top of the head and gives vibes of wearing a tiara
  • A chignon, which is a type of bun that sits lower on the neck than a traditional bun 
  • A ponytail, which can be made to look more sophisticated by tying it together in different ways

Remember that a great hairstyle starts with healthy, well-conditioned hair. Prior to your wedding, get your hair trimmed and undergo a moisturizing treatment if your hair is very dry.

2. Through Makeup

Like with hairstyles, there are many ways that you can do your bridal makeup. When deciding on a look, one factor to consider might be how you usually wear makeup. For instance, if you usually wear minimal makeup, you may want to keep a more natural look for your wedding. However, you may also consider deviating from your usual look since your wedding is such a special occasion.

Another factor to consider is how comfortable you are wearing bold colors. For example, a deep red lipstick might pop in bridal pictures, but it is likely to show on your face if you are uncomfortable wearing it. If you hire someone else to do your bridal makeup, let them know of any concerns you have ahead of time.

3. Through Bridal Accessories

Accessories such as necklaces, chockers, earrings and other pieces of jewelry can also help to complete your bridal look. Many brides also choose to wear something in their hair, such as a bridal hair vine or hairband. Pay close attention to what pieces go best with your outfit and will help the outfit come together. For example, if you wear a hairpiece, consider donning smaller earrings so that they do not overpower one another. In the same vein, an ornate necklace may look better paired with a dress with a lower-cut neckline.

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