The traditional white bridal gown will probably never go out of style, but some fashion-forward brides are sporting a new trend by showing a bit more skin. Bridal bikinis are having a moment as more women ditch the expected bridal attire and don a swimsuit for their big day. Once relegated to honeymoon beaches and pools, bridal bikinis have now made their way to the altar. Here are some reasons today's most stylish brides are saying yes to the bikini.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are a great way to combine the honeymoon with the exchange of vows, and many couples are eager to involve their families and social circles in their travels and celebrations surrounding the big day. With a noticeable trend toward beach destinations, it makes sense that brides would pare down their bridal attire to fit the location. The bride walking toward the ocean, down a sandy aisle surrounded by palm trees will turn a lot of heads in a fabulous white bridal bikini.

Casual Itineraries

The bridal bikini is not just for the beach. Modern nuptial celebrations are increasingly utilizing casual itineraries for wedding parties and guests. From picnics to boat excursions, outdoor parties surrounding the exchange of vows are trending. The bride's choice to sport a swimsuit as her bridal attire enables her to completely engage in the casual vibe and join in the outdoor festivities.

Spotlight on Fitness

Most brides pay close attention to their diet and exercise program in advance of the wedding to ensure they look their best. Some spend months working out in an effort to show off their peak of fitness on the big day. The choice of a bikini as bridal attire is an excellent way to celebrate the success earned in the gym.

Easy Accessorizing

Regardless of the venue, the wedding swimsuit itself could be the standout piece of bridal attire, with ruffles, ruching, lace, bows, or a dramatically cut bodice. However, choosing a white bridal bikini as the base piece also allows for lots of opportunities to accessorize.

Lacy bottoms

Some brides opt to walk down the aisle in a lacy white bikini top with coordinating sarong. Lacy swim shorts are another casual option that provide a bit more coverage while still making a strong statement. Lace pants or a long skirt pair beautifully with a white bikini top, and provide a bit more of a conservative look to the outfit. 


While a cover-up may seem to defeat the purpose of wearing a bikini as bridal attire, the right choice can be a beautiful compliment to a swimsuit at the altar. Eyelet or lace wrap tops still show the bikini top while providing a bit of modesty. White bridal overalls are a trendy choice, covering the bottoms while allowing the bikini top to shine. Sheer, ruffled, embellished, or lacy tunics or wraps are more conservative and elegant, yet still comfortable and casual.

Bridal Accessories

Traditional bridal accessories create a beautiful juxtaposition with the wedding bikini. A long veil looks beautiful draping over a bikini. Wedding flowers can be chosen to complement the swimsuit; a bountiful bouquet looks stunning when the bride is wearing a bikini. Jewelry such as long earrings, an attractive anklet, or a statement necklace can add that extra level of glamor to the bridal attire.

Find Your Bridal Bikini

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