When the days get warmer, it’s no surprise when the fashions get skimpier. Now that the sun’s out, it’s time to escape to the pool or beach. What better way to celebrate the change in season than snapping flicks in the hottest swimsuits and bikinis? You’ve found the sexiest swimwear and now it’s time to show it off with swimsuit model poses that help you shine throughout the season.

1. The Forward March

From popular films to iconic photoshoots, you won’t go wrong with the classic “moving forward” pose. Show off your confidence with your head and shoulders up as you walk toward the camera. You’ll have one arm forward and the opposite leg forward whether you’re coming out of the water or not.

2. Classic Allure

Make the bikini the star of the show with this most timeless of swimsuit poses. Step slightly forward to the side, with one hand on the back of your head and the other down to the side. It’s effortless, casual, cool, and breezy.

3. Hands to the Sky

Stretch upward by raising your arms above your head. Bend one of your arms and grab the other forearm, while extending your opposite hip. You’re a goddess surveying your sun-kissed environs, conveying power and sensuality at the same time.

4. Golden Arch

When it comes to classic swimsuit model poses, the reclined arched back look is a great pose for impromptu and planned shoots. Extend your limbs and arch your back. This lengthens your body and emphasizes your curves.

5. Twist and Strut 

When you’re sporting a suit that’s high on details, twisting your torso as you walk forward puts your outfit on display. This pose can help make your skin look smoother and stretch your body. It’s great for working your angles!

6. Background Boost 

One of the best bikini pic ideas involves making your background your co-star. Whether you’re backdropped by blue waters or a stunning resort, go for a wider shot that features you enjoying your surroundings.

7. Best Knees Forward 

Highlight your curves by kneeling. This is one of the better swimsuit poses for exuding sensuality. Extend your torso by raising your arms above your head and playing with your hair. Pointing your knees outward can emphasize the curve of your hips.

8. Coming Out

Draw attention to your swimsuit and curves by coming out of your white button-down coverup. This is a great look when paired with a dark or patterned swimsuit.

9. Serene Selfie

Take a selfie laid back on a chair or hammock. Hold the camera at an angle that shows off your swimsuit and your sun-kissed skin. Throw some “shade” by using your free hand as a casual visor.

10. Walk Away

If they love to see you coming, then make sure they love to see you walk away. For beautiful swimsuit model poses, turn around and walk away from the camera. Run your arms through your hair or let them hang naturally to the side.

Capture the beauty of spring and summer with poses that make the most of your poolside or beachy fashion. PQ Swim has all the looks you want. Contact us for pieces befitting your status as the star of the season.